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privacy policy

privacy policy

  • CC Connect Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “our company”) does not accept the “transfer to a third party”, “sale for commercial purposes”, or any other “method of use that unfairly infringes on the privacy of the customer”. We pledge that we will strive to protect personal information received from customers under appropriate management methods so that there is no leakage of personal information, whether inside or outside the company.

Purpose of use of personal information provided by customers:

  • To send ordered products or to carry out all delivery services

  • To send you free gifts, etc., if you cooperate with questionnaires, etc.

  • To send various documents such as quotations and receipts

  • To confirm local information at the time of business trip collection, etc.

  • To contact you by phone or email from us

  • To register in the "customer database" when using services such as sales and purchases for the purpose of improving operational efficiency and response speed levels for future product support

Manage personal information​

  • Regarding the database that manages personal information, the security level is set to limit the use and viewing of individual employees, and the database necessary for general business execution can only be handled by the employee in charge of the relevant business. .

  • In addition, we are constantly conducting personnel training in line with the work rule items that require the employee to "fulfill confidentiality obligations".

  • Regarding the contents of the e-mail, only the "person in charge of carrying out the work" of the mail order department and the relevant department can view it.

  • This personal information is deleted as needed after a certain period of time has passed since it was received on the premise that there will be no hindrance to the service.

  • If a sales contract, etc. is not concluded after receiving personal information from a customer, information that has not yet been registered in our customer database will not be newly registered. If it is received as a paper medium other than data information, it will be discarded after being cut.

  • In the case of purchase service, repair service, or other temporary entrustment of the customer's property, we will not use it for anything other than the matters necessary to carry out the service.

Payment Methods

Disclosure of personal information

We will not disclose personal information to third parties without your consent. However, this does not apply to the following cases.

  • If there is a request from a public institution such as a court or the police based on laws and regulations

  • If there are special provisions

  • When there is a risk of harming the life, body, or property of the customer or a third party, and the consent of the person cannot be obtained.

  • Laws and our terms of use

  • When it is necessary to protect or defend our rights, property or services from actions contrary to the precautions, and we cannot obtain the consent of the person.

If we receive a request for disclosure of personal information held by our company from a customer, we will disclose it only if we can confirm that the request is from the person himself/herself.

In addition to the above, we do not insist that the current method is the best when it comes to managing personal information, but we always pursue better methods and improve the level of security for the protection of such methods. We believe.

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