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General sales staff

Corporate Sales Division | Recruitment of corporate buyers for smartphones and PCs


Corporate needs for reused smartphones and PCs are increasing year by year. The department in charge of purchasing and sales, which faces this demand, will play a major role in future business expansion. You can feel that your hard work contributes to the growth of the company... If you are looking for such a rewarding job, please lend us your support! !


New development business of suppliers. Procurement of digital products such as smartphones and personal computers. Responding to inquiries from companies, providing transaction information (telephone and email), order management, coordination, inventory management, billing-related work, etc.


Business content

  • Business to develop new suppliers

  • the purchase price of the product,Buyer work to decide selling price

  • Responding to inquiries from companies

  • Transaction guidance (telephone and email), order management, adjustment, inventory management, billing-related operations

  • Management strategies related to operations, etc.

Required skill

  • Those who have been involved in inter-corporation transactions (2-3 years)

  • ⇒Those who understand the flow of corporate transactions in sales office work, etc.

  • *Experience in corporate sales (understands paperwork) is desirable

  • *Experience in any industry is acceptable *Excel will be used


  • Those who can communicate sincerely, those who are willing to work with a sense of responsibility and a challenging spirit

recruitment background

  • In order to strengthen the team structure and further improve the ability to respond to customer needs due to strong business performance.

Application Requirements

Employment status

Work location

​regular employee

CC Connect Co., Ltd. / uubo Co., Ltd.
Tokyo Radio Department Store, 1-10-11 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Working hours

11:00-20:00 (Working hours: 8 hours, break time: 1 hour)

2 days off per week (shift system)

★ Paid vacation
★New Year holidays


Monthly salary 230,000 yen or more (depending on industry experience)

*Includes fixed overtime (30 hours)3 months trial period

salary increase

★ Raise once a year in principle

(However, it depends on the person's ability and motivation)

Treatment/Benefits/Company system

Various social insurance (employment, health, welfare pension)

Staff discount system available

Provision of transportation expenses

Fixed overtime allowance (equivalent to 30 hours)

Application method

[Telephone application] Please feel free to contact Akihabara Main Store (03-6811-6730).

It will be smoother if you tell them that you saw the recruitment website.


[WEB application] Press the <Entry> button to proceed to the application screen. Please enter the required information before applying. Online 24 hours reception!

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