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Recruitment information for part-time and full-time employees

Job List

List of job openings

At CC Connect, we continue to take on new challenges in addition to the reuse business. I want to discover my potential and play an active role in society. We look forward to receiving applications from such people.


【part-time job】
store management staff

【full-time employee】
Corporate department general sales staff
[Currently not recruiting]
inspection staff
[Currently not recruiting]
corporate staff

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As a venture in the reuse industry, we are looking for partners who can enjoy thinking and taking on challenges together.

Because we are a venture, we may face many difficulties and painful situations over a long period of time.

But you are never alone in facing it. There are bosses, seniors, and colleagues who support it here.

There is an environment where we can help each other and get over it.


We will wait for the application of everybody.

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