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store management staff

Become familiar with digital home appliances such as smartphones | Recruitment of sales staff for smartphones!


We would like to ask you to sell and purchase smartphones, tablets, PCs, various accessories, etc. at CC Connect stores. If you are inexperienced, start with simple tasks such as stocking items and registering! Of course senior staff will support you! After gaining experience, challenge yourself to posting on social media and creating a shop!

New staff start with cleaning the store and simple cash register! Once you get used to it, please bring out products that you have actually used, such as smartphones and iPhones! You can start working with familiar products, so even inexperienced people can feel at ease♪


Business content

  • Product information, sales, and cash register operations

  • Purchase assessment business for smartphones, tablets, etc.

  • Cleaning the store, stocking items, and creating sales floors

  • Operation and shipping of online store

  • Update of store SNS

  • Product inspection, commercialization, etc.

Required skill

  • No educational background, no high school students

  • Inexperienced people welcome!

  • Freeters and second new graduates are welcome!

  • ※Beginners are welcome!


―――≪≪Useful knowledge and experience≫≫――――

  • Work experience in retail industry ◎Experience in customer service, sales, and service industry

  • Foreign language (English, Chinese, etc.)

  • Knowledge of digital home appliances such as PCs and smartphones

This is suitable for those who...

  • I want to work using my own sense

  • I want to make use of my part-time experience in customer service and sales

  • I like PCs and digital home appliances! I want to make it work

  • I want to acquire skills from inexperienced and grow

  • Interested in reuse business

  • I want to eventually become a part-time worker → become a full-time employee

Application Requirements

Employment status

part-time job

Work location

CC Connect Akihabara Main Store
Tokyo Radio Department Store, 1-10-11 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Working hours

11:00-20:00 (Working hours: 8 hours, break time: 1 hour)

*Time and day of the week are negotiable, shift submission once a month

* 3 days a week, 4 hours a day ~ OK!

*Business hours of the store on weekdays 13:00 to 19:00

* From 11:00 to 13:00, preparations for opening the store and shipping work will be performed.

★Since we arrange shifts after listening to your requests in advance, it is possible to balance work and private life! Please feel free to contact us as we will adjust according to your convenience!

★ Classes and family events will also be taken into consideration.


Hourly wage 1,200 yen (There is a trial period of 3 months, hourly wage during the trial period is 1,100 yen)

salary increase

Depends on ability and motivation

Treatment/Benefits/Company system

Various social insurance (employment, health, welfare pension)
Employee registration system

Staff discount system available

Provision of transportation expenses

Application method

[Telephone application] Please feel free to contact Akihabara Main Store (03-6811-6730).

It will be smoother if you tell them that you saw the recruitment website.


[WEB application] Press the <Entry> button to proceed to the application screen. Please enter the required information before applying. Online 24 hours reception!

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